Why did I fail?

My life was bland when thinking about college. I like blindly wandered by mistake that I made because of saturation of reasoning. Maybe someone would help me? I need more suport. I want more energy.

I do not want to find a reason why I always fail. But one thing, feeling like this can make a dull my brain. Enough of this feeling upset the balance of my appetite. I want to go back into vibrant human being. Busyness in time to make my college neglected. Beautiful look them in the finals with the best value, while I sit here crying little hope there is a change in heart in a study. I want to become researchers.

That my goal. Now I have been married but has not been able to generate a lot of money. Not yet able to provide a bundle of money to my parents. Really sad. Age was 25 years. It is difficult to restore the atmosphere of express such as 17 years. Just chase the target.

When will this end O time? I do not know. Let’s play hide and vituperation. What I hope is the spirit. Please send your spirit in me. Thank you. Author.


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